Version: 1.0.1

Adding Frameworks to Compass

Supported Frameworks

Framework Version Status Homepage Documentation
Compass Core 0.10 pre5 http://compass-style.org You are currently viewing the Compass docs.
Blueprint 0.8.0 Stable http://blueprintcss.org/ Blueprint docs
YUI 2.5.2 Beta http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/grids/ YUI docs
960 1.0 Stable http://960.gs/ Compass960 plugin on Github

Compass plugins

Compass allows you to easily download, install, and upgrade plugins that share design and design elements between users and projects.

For instructions on how to install a plugin, please refer to the individual plugin's instructions.

Released Plugins





Sass Libraries

Libraries are simply Sass stylesheets or partials .

Plugins that are Works-In-Progress

Other Sass-based Projects