Version: 1.0.1

Compass Command Line Documentation

This page lists the compass commands you can use to set up and manage your project.

You may also find one of these walk throughs useful:

Project Commands

Create a new compass project

compass create path/to/project [--using blueprint] [--sass-dir=sass ...] [--project-type=rails]

Initialize an existing project to work with compass

compass init rails path/to/project [--using blueprint]

Install a pattern from an extension into a project

compass install blueprint/buttons [path/to/project]

Compile the project's sass files into css

compass compile [path/to/project]

Watch the project for changes and compile whenever it does

compass watch [path/to/project]

Emit a configuration file at the location specified.

compass config [path/to/config] [--sass-dir=sass --css-dir=css ...]

Validate the generated CSS.

compass validate [path/to/project]

Misc commands

Generate a background image that can be used to verify grid alignment

compass grid-img W+GxH [path/to/grid.png]


W =
Width of 1 column in pixels.
G =
Width of 1 gutter in pixels.
H =
Height of the typographic baseline in pixels.


# 40px column, 10px gutter, 20px height at <images_dir>/grid.png
compass grid-img 40+10
# 40px column, 20px gutter, 28px height at <images_dir>/grid.png
compass grid-img 40+20x28
# 60px column, 20px gutter, 28px height at images/wide_grid.png
compass grid-img 60+20x28 images/wide_grid.png

Enter into a console for testing SassScript in a compass environment.

compass interactive

Print out statistics about your stylesheets

compass stats

Emit the version of compass

compass version

Unpack a framework or extension into your project

compass unpack <extension>

Get Help on the Command Line

Get help on compass

compass help

Get help on an extension

compass help extension_name

Get help about an extension pattern

compass help extension_name/pattern_name

Get help about a particular sub command

compass help command_name